After spending lots of time researching what is supposed to go into an “About” page/section I learned that people treat these as more of a cover page for their resumes, which is rather boring. While authors, designers, and traditional artists suggest slightly different formatting – some favoring listing off schools and achievements while others focusing on experience and future goals, none tell me anything about the person themselves.


Well, let me take a crack at it:

Born in Austin TX but raised in Slidell LA, with an Associates in Visual Communications from Sinclair CC, Piper is a single mother of one that just wants to share her stories and adventures with the world.





That’s it I guess?


What Do The Critics Have To Say About Piper?


“Piper is a tiny island of sanity on the vast roaring seas of the internet.” – @VarminWay

“A true wildcat, @fyzzgiggidy(Piper) can be smart, funny, moody, blunt, strange, hyper-sexual, and, occasionally, quite sweet, but she’s always…*genuine*.” – @DuaneSugimura

“Statistically speaking she is probably not a major threat to those around her.” – @kcoffeeCO

“Just another talentless grifter.” – @GatHanzo